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"The Blue Wrath" Remix, I Monster (Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack)

My first remix of 2010, this is an arrangement of I Monster's "The Blue Wrath" from Shaun of the Dead. A cool track that I thought deserved some attention.

Download Blue Wrath 

Red Shift

This is a production remix of one of the example tracks that came with FL Studio: "Blue Shift" by Jason Cluts. It was primarily an exercise in production values, and slightly a remix project. Not to downplay the simple masterpiece that was the original, but every time I listened to it, I always heard the instruments doing other things, and eventually had to try and work what I was hearing into something interesting.

Download Red Shift 

Dark Side of the Sun

Perhaps nothing better illustrates my shift from caffeine-induced chiptune noob to FL Studio producer like going through old mixes and listening to them as they gradually improve. Below are two examples of this. These are the same track, with a year or two of gradual improvement in between. You can further see improvement by listening to the new remix of the below, Solar Flare, on my album The Edge of Time.

Download Dark Side of the Sun (original)

Download Dark Side of the Sun (remix)