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Piano Compositions

My piano compositions greatly reflect my musical style in their own way. I began composing music for piano, and when I moved to remixing, I kept up with my composition skills to be sure that I was always on top of the music theory and melodicism of my remixes. As a result, I've composed a number of excellent piano tunes. Sadly, I am unable to play them at this time because my skill at actually playing piano is far behind my composition skill. I am currently looking for one or several people who are capable of recording my piano songs for an album. I composed them in Finale, which is capable of rendering to mp3, albeit at a poor quality, especially in terms of musical expression. Thus they are hardly at the quality level that I would like on my album. If you are interested in performing/recording any of my piano pieces for my album, you may contact me at:

cybermouse8 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Here are some of the finished works for the album rendered in Finale. The notes are correct, but the quality of the playing and the sound of the piano could be much improved if a real person were to play and record them. I wish it could be me, but I don't quite have the time required to become good enough to play them myself.

Dark Journey

This is one of the first pieces I wrote for piano. It was meant to be symbolic of the dark journeys we often take when we stray from the path God has laid out for us.

Download Dark Journey


My personal favorite of all my compositions, this piece is about an eruption, of course. Volcanoes have always fascinated me, and I wanted to write a frightening, dark-toned piece capable of capturing the essence of an eruption--the slow beginning, the buildup, and the ferocity and heat of the final explosion. Now, this one is essentially finished. You can grab it as one of the tunes on my album The Edge of Time, or by itself. Just click the big bandcamp button on this site's home page. You can also listen to it all you want, for free!


One of my more recent pieces, Snowdrift was inspired by a brief bout of snow that befell my college during, oddly enough, March 2009. I was stuck indoors and the idea came to me that snow is both soft and delicate, but at the same time, it is harsh and cold. Expressing this disparity in music was no easy task, but I am pleased with the results of my attempt. This song represents my appreciation of the beauty and wonder of God's creation. It too has been included on my album, The Edge of Time.

Piano Arrangements

Below you'll find piano pieces that I've arranged, or otherwise, not entirely composed myself. A bit of recent news is that I'm taking on the project of arranging many of the tunes done by the artist Anamanaguchi for piano.  I've jokingly entitled this project "Pianamanaguchi." I'm still debating whether to spell it with an "o" in the word piano or leaving it as is, with an "a" since it matches the name of the artist that way.

Game Corner Rag

This piece came from Pokemon Yellow (or Red/Blue, or any of the games with a Game Corner where this tune plays when you're inside the building). I arranged it entirely by ear, as I don't have access to the original score, nor do I know how to obtain it. It's a fun little tune that I thought deserved a decent piano rendition, which I've titled, "Game Corner Rag." The bass clef (left hand) part was mostly composed as I couldn't remember exactly how the tune went (I didn't even have access to a gameboy and pokemon cartridge with which to listen to the original). The treble clef (right hand) part is, as far as I can tell, identical to the source.

Download Game Corner Rag